Bible Verse
Thimo Cia Ũgĩkũyũ

Muciari ndathikuragia igwa itina

Literal translation: Parents do not take away the earth that covers the root of the sugar cane.

Contextual note: As a good farmer does not uncover the roots of the sugar cane lest it may dry, so good parents have a limit also in punishing their children.


Looking for Church in DFW.TAC Is interdenomanation church.Join us every sunday OR .

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Bishop Of Diaspora Anglican Diocese

It is with great joy that I welcome and introduce you to our family centered church. We have endeavored to offer a hospitable spiritual environment where many immigrants in the Dallas-Fort worth metroplex have found a home church. We continue to share and celebrate our African Christian heritage among ourselves and the larger American community as a gift from God.We express rich African Christian culture At TAC, through language, song and dance.

Rt.Rev. Bishop Jacob N. Muiruri

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